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C.L. Muileboom

Storyteller, book reviewer, and random blogger.


I Wonder

Where did this all come from you ask. Why do you feel this way you ponder. Well I am about to breakit down for you. Before I do though, think, feel. What does this poem say to you? Are these words relatable? I feel like the blacksheep in my family. Honestly, I don’t get it.Continue reading “I Wonder”

June #BlogBattle: Scar

Originally posted on BlogBattle:
June 2022 Blog Battle Right-click & ‘Save As’ one or both of these images to share on social media! Our word this month is: Scar You can start writing at any time, but make sure you post your story by the 17th of June to have a link shared here and…


“Bones, what have you done,” said a woman, his mother, with a face full of scorn. “Why have you put this target on our backs.” Bones did not speak up. How could she understand. His mom started to snarl, her lip curling upwards. She began to growl. “I DO NOT LIKE THIS SILENCE!” she barked.Continue reading “RED – CHAPTER 11”

The Kākāpō: New Zealand’s Bird of the Year 2020 (is also podgy) — Professional Moron

Kākāpō Photograph: Mark Carwardine/Getty Images. A parrot just won New Zealand’s Bird of the Year competition. Previously, we reported on the kererū pigeon drunkenly blitzing the opposition in 2018. About the Kākāpō Birdo Also called the “owl parrot”, the kākāpō is ALSO the fattest parrot in the world. Apparently, the species was critically endangered. Not […]Continue reading “The Kākāpō: New Zealand’s Bird of the Year 2020 (is also podgy) — Professional Moron”

About Me

Just a reclusive Canadian who constantly loses her head in the clouds. I read, I write, and sometimes play video games. Cheese is my weakness and like any other Canadian, overusing the word sorry. Here I will usually share book reviews, early drafts of my own written word, and once in a while a random blog about – well whatever I feel like. Come on in, take a seat, grab a cold one from the fridge and enjoy.

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