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Q & A — Part 1

Ask, and I shall tell

The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life.

— Confucius

Where did you grow up, and what kind of activities did you do in school?

I was born in a small Albertan town called Whitecourt. Not much to do there, but the forestry was nice. Trees grow everywhere, and there was less light pollution. The one thing I miss about my hometown was the stars at night. Sometimes I would climb the roof of my trailer just to star up at the blanket of twinkling sky gems. Yes I grew up in a trailer court. Honestly it’s not as bad as most people would think. It was like living in a small community. I had a big yard, and it wasn’t too hard to make friends with your neighbors, and local kids that lived in the trailer court.

In school I wasn’t involved with much. Social anxiety, and all. I was good in English and math though. In the later years I did try choral for a year. I also studied cosmetology for a year, and in junior high I was in band, and played the flute. I knew how to read music at a young age, so it was fairly easy. I also self taught myself how to play piano. I always had an appreciation for music, and art of many forms. I didn’t really involve myself socially in school groups, or after school programs. I was always that shy and awkward child, and still can be as an adult, lol.

What did you want to be when you grew up, when you were younger?

Well there was a few things, from what I can remember. At one point I wanted to be a veterinarian. I always loved animals. I loved learning about them, and reading about them. This eventually changed to vet assistant, as I wasn’t sure if I could put the animals down.

There was a part of my childhood where I wanted to be a singer or an actress. I never could stay out of my bubble though. It’s a good thing I never pursued that dream, as I don’t think I could really last within the limelight.

I do feel like there was always that inkling feeling inside of me to be a writer. I loved to write stories, and would always day dream up scenarios, and ideas (I still do, and sometimes it drives James bonkers). It’s something I have always tried at throughout my life. It’s been these last few years though, that I have been learning, and really growing myself as a writer. I have made many improvements, yet I still feel like I am not fully ready. I have however made some tremendous growth, and keep continuing to flourish as a writer.

What is your worst habit?

Well, let’s say I have quite a few vices. I smoke tobacco, and reefer. I can’t always partake in alcohol responsibly. I can be an emotional nervous wreck sometimes. The worst of them all I would say though, is my overthinking. I’m constantly in my head. I second guess myself, and how others think of me. I guess that is another downside to my anxiety issues. Some may say that’s not a habit, but I definitely make a habit out of it.

How old were you when you started working, and what was your first job

I guess, technically I had my first “job” at fourteen years old. I worked at McDonald’s, but it never lasted. I was the cleanup person. I found that odd, as I grew older because most places didn’t hire someone like that, and it was up to the staff to do those medial tasks (mop, take out garbage ect.) I worked there probably a month, and used my cheque to buy myself school supplies I wanted (gel pens, five star notebooks). It wasn’t until I was about seventeen or so, that I actually had a job, that I legitimately “worked” at.

I didn’t finish highschool, so my mom gave me an ultimatum. Go to school, or get a job and pay rent. Of course I choose the latter. I started working at Tim Hortons. I was there for just over a year before I moved in with a boyfriend ( now ex) , and moved to a different side of the city. (Edmonton) .

I actually liked working at Timmy’s. I had grown skills, and work ethic. I was a favorite among many of the regular customers. They lived my polite, and sweet manor. I was a fast learner, and eventually learned that I did well in a fast paced work environment. I had great skills in the hospitality field, and it helped me for jobs I have had in the future. I started out at ten dollars an hour, as it was a first job. It didn’t take long for a raise, as my employers saw great work ethic. After a few months I got a dollar raise, and then eventually got another dollar raise. This was the fastest advancement I have ever had in a job. Everyone liked me, as far as I knew. I worked hard, and didn’t stop. I kept a good pace, and that pace increased when times got busy. I have tried to reapply at Tim Hortons later on, but was never accepted (except when I worked at the UofA in the food court. I would help at the Timmy’s once in a while, as I already had fair knowledge, and didn’t need training.

What’s the biggest project on your To-do list right now?

I really want to have something self published by the end of the year. It’s not coming to me so easily though. While my stepson in in school half days it’s hard for me to get work. My boyfriend James works everyday, so we get by. I stay at home and watch the little one, while he works. James is currently doing flooring for multiple contractors. Anyways…. We are single income, therefore I can’t afford an editor. It’s all on me currently, and it’s not necessarily the easiest thing to do. Currently I have been working on some short stories. I also have some novels, but those have been mostly put on the backburner for now. (I do come back to them, when the inspiration strikes though.) I have my cover ready, but that’s really the only thing finished. I still need a blurb , and a back. I need to re write, then edit, then re write some more. I still have many unfinished projects, and it’s turning into something rather overwhelming. Once Jordan is in school full-time, I can find a part time job, and it would greatly help with the income. Either that, or get my head out my ass, stop procrastinating, and get this all done!!!

I have found it hard to even be motivated sometimes, and constantly throw it off. (I will write tomorrow, or in the next hour. After my game, after these chapters….after I waste time on the internet….)

I need a tazor or something to shock me everytime I go a day without writing, or working on edits, rewrites ect. —Lol.

That is one purpose of this blog. If I’m not working on one of my many stories, then I am atleast writing something.

Another thing is to lose ten-fifteen pounds. I am not as slim, as I once was, and seeing that gut everyday cam be a little disheartening. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I am overweight or anything, but wouldn’t mind a flatter tummy.

I should start a routine everyday. Do some workouts in the morning via YouTube, then start writing. It seems like a simple enough task, but with me, it can be tricky, lol.

On that note, I should do some workouts once I am done with this “interview” haha I can do this, I will.. not tomorrow…today!! Lol.

What’s something You wish you could do again?

Well….. I am not sure. Maybe just be a kid again. I didn’t have the greatest childhood, but I miss being a child. Less stress, less worries. You can play imaginary without looking like you deserve to live in a mental institution. Life was easier back then( in a way) . Despite all of the traumatizing events I have succumbed, I would take just one day to be a kid again, in a heartbeat.

TA-DA. I believe these five questions were a good start. Some of the answers were a little long, so I don’t want to bore you too much, haha. There will be another Q&A in the near future. If anyone would like to add a question, just leave it in the comments, and they will be answered next time.


Until next time!

5 thoughts on “Q & A — Part 1

  1. I love that you are doing this blog and opening up to the world. You are such a strong, beautiful person. Keep ok keeping on!


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