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C.L Muileboom is born in Alberta, Canada. She has a colossal cheese addiction, and keeps a kind heart towards our fuzzy bee friends. She is also an aspiring writer, and hopes to some day become self published. She lives in Edmonton with her common law partner James, and his son(her stepson) Jordan. Currently she is a stay at home mom, and house wife. She tries to take this time at home to focus on writing, but has been known to procrastinate. Just like most writers, she is also an avid reader. She can find pleasure in reading most genre’s, and is always up for a recommendation.

What will you find on this blog??

Here you may come across a variety of posts, as this blog is for both self promotion, and to practice writing skills. You may stumble across some random “journal entries”, reviews, articles, story boards, story excerpts, and much more. Certainly you will come across something that may have an appeal to you. I will do my best to keep everything organized, for easy reading.


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