Five Most Impactful Games In My Life

Video games, what a great pastime and a way to escape your own reality. Like movies, and books they can be a nice form of creative expression. To me games are like art – and yes I consider novels, and movies as art as well. Someone made it, using their own creative genius, thus making it art in my eyes. The world is filled with this “art” in many forms and genres, and its so surreal how games have made an impact on our whole society. Some games have even inspired other types of artists around the world. Recently I came across a post by a gaming blogger I follow named Dan, which can be viewed from the link below

This post was of course called — Five Most Impactful Games In My Life. I figured, why not do the same thing myself. According to Dan he saw this blog posted by Mckenna Talks About Games. Also according to him Mckenna found the same post by Meghanplaysgames. I will also share those links below — choo choo all aboard the link train!!! lol

So now, without further ado, here is my edition of The Five Most Impactful Games In My Life.

5 – Resident Evil 3 – Nemesis.

“Stars,” said the beast as he chased Jill around. Did he know any other words or was he like Hodors evil second cousin ??

So this wasn’t my first RE game, and neither is it my favorite (RE4 BTW). So why has it impacted me in such a way? Well its actually quite silly. You guys reading this might have a quick laugh at my expense here. I grew up with horror. I grew up with Freddy and Jason and Chucky, pinhead and countless more. Since I have been watching the genre at a young age, I never really found myself getting scared. I have also been reading small chapter books since grade two, so I was quite familiar with Goosebumps, Fearstreet, and Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark. Sure, some jump scares got me, but that was it, they just made me jump. Now with RE3 – I literally screamed and threw my remote. A game has never scared the living crap out of me so much, and either has a movie or book. To this day, I don’t think any kind of media has given me such a reaction. I think it has a lot to do with the Capcoms games spooky atmosphere. You are also in control of the character Jill, so yes you are bound to get pulled in. This happened somewhat in the earlier part of the game, where Nemesis jumps through a window. The lights were out, and the volume was up high. Tensions were getting high as I was in control of the character. All of a sudden you hear some glass break — should I really go near that noise, of course I should, lol. Then BAM, the window breaks and in jumps the undead mutation. I have found the clip on youtube, to share with you all. I guess I am not the only one who got scared because its titled. Resident Evil 3- The Most Scariest Moment

Did you jump too? I actually still jumped, even though I knew what was coming this time… I blame the slow walk down the stairs lol.

I have yet to play any of the RE remakes, but someday. My Acer only has 4G of RAM, so not sure how well it will work. Sometimes Sims4 likes to lag, but hey we will see when that time comes (can’t even try out Dark Souls – maybe I should try to find the version that isn’t remastered who knows, lol. I wonder though is the remake going to have the same impact? I am curious to see what kind of jump scares they have, if they change anything. This franchise is well known for those jump scare moments, which makes it a great horror survival game. Also Zombies, how could you not like shooting zombies. Resident Evil has gotten so big, in fact it has inspired other creative artists. There has been six movies so far. The author S.D. Perry has also written 7 books based on the video-game series. There is also four animated movies, and a Resident Evil 8 in the works right now. One can easily say that this franchise has not only impacted me in a way, it has impacted countless others.

4 – Sprouted Pixel Dungeon

It’s just a Dew-tastic adventure.

Pixel Dungeon is a fun, roguelike game for the mobile phone. If you don’t know what roguelike is, its basically a dungeon crawler with randomized maps and permadeath. This makes it fun, yet challenging and the random levels gives it great replaybility. Every time you start a new game the layout is new, as well as the items you will find and the kind of rooms you will find. Its a great way to kill sometime, as the game doesn’t waste too much battery as well. There are numerous mods on the playstore (Not sure if it’s available on I-Phone, but worth a search) The mod I prefer is of course – Sprouted Pixel Dungeon. Of course every one has their own preferences, so its always fun to just try them all out, and see which one you like. This is one of those games, that end up on all my mobile devices. If I get a new phone, its usually one of the first – if not the first game – I download. I even find myself searching Pixel Dungeon often, in case a new mod is made. This game takes some strategy, which you will figure out in time. Each new game you start, you have no idea which potion does what, or what scroll does what. This means you will have to read them and drink them to find out. The thing with that is you have to be careful. You don’t want to drink a random potion in a field of grass if you haven’t yet identified the potion of flame (what I do is drink my potions in water at first because flames hurt, and burn scrolls. but of course a potion of freezing can freeze other potions, lol. Flames is usually identified first in most cases though.) You don’t want to burn a scroll of upgrade either- you only get so many. (I also don’t like to read my scrolls right away. I wait until i find something that could be worth upgrading, so I don’t waste the scroll. Anyways there is some certain mechanics you have to get used to. Its also important to explore a whole floor before using potions because you will most likely come across something on that floor, where a potion found on the floor could be used. Each 5th floor you also have a boss, so its smart to have some upgraded stuff and potions of healing identified by that point. In PD you also have the choice between 4 players (in the original and most mods. Some mods have more characters. ) This is quite a versatile game, although it looks quite simple with the pixelated graphics

Items you find, get stored in your bag. Many of these will have to be identified before using.

So the difference here with Sprouted Pixel dungeon is quite a few things actually. First off the dungeons are much, much bigger giving you more to explore. Hunger doesn’t become as much as a problem in most PD games either. This is because food is dropped by many enemies, and their meat can be burned to be made edible. I think this is because this version is more of a farming and grinding version, so it takes longer to beat, but you can level yourself up many, many times. This helps as the further down you go the harder the enemies are. You can also have a pet in this version, like a dragon. Like all the PD games, your goal is primarily to reach the bottom of the dungeon and defeat the final boss – while collecting artifacts and gear to help you on the way. In sprouted however, you also collect these dews into your dew vial. Getting one hundred dews will lead to you upgrading your weapons, armour, wands and rings. Unlike the other PD’s you also get new bosses and areas. These areas i call key rooms, as you need a magic key to teleport to the room. These rooms are nothing too fancy, but you kill enough enemies in the first one you get a journal page. The other rooms – you get yet another key, that leads to a special boss. These special bosses give you special items when defeated that have no level cap. (You can only level up and upgrade your items a certain amount of times per characters level.) This makes SPD more entertaining as there is more to do.

A swarm of rats is no problem for this adventurer.
Should of used a potion of levitation. Must be the blue one I found.

This game really has impacted me. Considering I Always need to install it, means quite a bit. It has given me something to do when waiting for a bus, and kept me busy when I start to feel more anxious. I love how every game is different, making every experience different as well. It’s fun, and sometimes its frustrating. – you have played so long, with your gear so epic, then your out of Anhk’s and you die. That’s it, game over. So yes I have gotten mad a few times, but then you take a break and start a new game. I have spent a lot of time on this game, and since its a mobile game, you can have it with you wherever you go. I should try other roguelike games, and see if they can compare. Still, i think if thats even the case SPD will always have a special place in my heart.

3- Heroes of Might and Magic III

Monsters, artifacts, and your enemies lie ahead. Can you be the last man standing.

What a priceless gem this game is. I have spent many, many, many hours on this game. Heroes of Might and Magic is a turn based- tactics game, where you explore the lands around you, killing monsters and other heroes. You also collect resources which you will need to build your town into a capital, and to grow an army of creatures, fighters, shooters, ect. I haven’t really played many of the games in this franchise besides 3. I had 2 on my phone, but liked 3 more. I also tried.. 6 I believe, but it wasn’t the same. To me nothing beats HOMM III, in this game franchise. The graphics of course are nothing spectacular, but that’s a given, considering it was released by 3DO in 1999. The graphics really don’t bother me. I love riding my horse across the map, exploring dungeons and vast lands, riding my boat across the seas, and finding artifacts and new creature to join my army. The battle mode is set up in a nice tactics mode, and you and the enemy each have turns controlling your army. The one who kills the others army is the victor ( or the enemy may flee – as well as yourself if you feel you will die, and wont want to lose your hero. )

With only a small army, browns city is taken over by the red player by his Ghost dragons, shooters and magic arrows alone.

If you capture an enemy heroes city, it is now yours. This means you can hire creatures of the cities faction, use the cities bonuses, and more. There is seven kinds of factions that can be played. Each of these have their own type of cities, armies and heroes. Some special creatures can also be found in dwellings around the land, and can only be found in these dwellings and not in any of the factions. These are respectively Castles, Towers, Ramparts, Fortresses, Strongholds, Infernos, Necrolopis’ , and dungeons. Each faction has 7 different types of creatures, shooters ect – that also have one upgrade. They also each have a bonus, so its fun to learn each and every one of them, and see which ones you like the most. Personally, my favorite in the dungeons. I like the extra exp your castle gives your hero (One time – 1000xp ) as well and the double mana. Harpy Hags are also neat because they fly, attack, then return. The black Dragons are also pretty cool, and minotaur kings are badasses when it comes to hand on hand combat.

Usually, the game is won by defeating all the heroes, and capturing the towns. Some maps however have a different objective, such as : defeating a certain enemy, capturing a certain artifact or finding the grail. The more towns you capture the easier the game will get, and some maps are actually rather difficult. It also helps to level up your hero as much as possible, and keep more then one hero to level up. Your heroes control your armies, and hold the artifacts they find to give certain bonuses.

HOMM III has many fans, and in fact on top of 3 expansion packs, there is two fan made mods. These being In The Wake of Gods, and Horn of The Abyss. Now I have only recently heard of the latter, so haven’t tried it yet, but WOG is actually quite interesting. New creatures, and artifacts, new interactive buildings, and you get to have a commander in your army, that levels up with your hero. Your armies also stack after they kill, kill, and kill some more. Some things in WOG can be pretty OP’d though, but you can easily change that in the Wogify settings. HOTA, apparently has an entire new faction, and artifacts, and has a cleaner crisper look. I will definitely be checking it out in the near future.

Another fun aspect of HOMMIII is the map maker, and campaign editor. Yes,you can make your own maps and campaigns!! You can also find maps other fans made, on the website maps4heroes. As a person who enjoys shaping worlds, and creating stories I do really enjoy this extra add-on. I never played Mario Maker, but I probably would enjoy it. I mean it really is a neat idea. Just imagine if more games went this route. Making your own Zelda dungeons, or bosses for one. (actually I am making a Zelda inspired map in the map maker right now) Such a cool concept, and yes I understand many games are leading this way. I never played Skyrim on PC, but have seen what you can do with mods created by other people. As a creative individual, I absolutely love this. It also has helped me with my own story writing as well.

So now, I am going to give you all a look into my own past, and how HOMM3 has helped me through some difficult times. I was living on my own for the first time. No cable or internet, but I did have a decent HP desktop. Its obvious to say, that a majority of my time was spent playing HOMMIII. I was working at a Dollarama at the time, and my hours were depleting which meant I couldn’t really afford much. I lived off cheap bachelor meals, and couldn’t really afford much instead of food and rent. My manager, was kind of a cow. She treated her “friends” at work better then her employees, and sorry, but I am not a brownnoser. I am not the kind of person who will kiss anothers ass to get treated better and/or with respect. I am me, and if i don’t like a person I am not going to just be their “buddy” . I wont be rude, of course, but i may be a bit stand-offish. Also I just got out of my first serious relationship, and I was suffering a bit of a heartbreak. Sure i moved on eventually, and now couldn’t be happier with the guy I am currently with (Sometimes he can be a real pain, but thats what happens when your with someone for almost seven years, lol. ) Anyways, I was going through some emotional things, and the financial issues weren’t helping. I could have got a new job, and trust me I was looking, but of course my self-esteem had taken a toll on it, so it was easier said then done. I have always had anxiety issues as well and everything stacked on top of everything else really did nothing for my mental health. I had my Heroes 3 though, Actually this ex is who introduced me to this game, so yes these things do have a silver lining, lol. I would have probably gone insane, and through a bigger bout of depression if I didn’t have this game to escape my reality with. Which really, isn’t that what games really are, an escape?

2- Super Mario Bros. 3

It’s a me ah – raccoon- ah mario!!!

Man, does this game bring me back. I am having sudden feelings of nostalgia wash all over me. Probably the most popular gaming franchise in the world. Nintendo has gone a long way, and has created many well loved franchises throughout the years. Mario is possibly though, the most popular, and this is comparing to other hits like Pokemon, and Zelda. We all know and love our Italian plumber with a serious mushroom addiction. Even if you don’t play games, your going to have a good idea on who Mario is. So out of all the countless games in this well loved franchise, why did I pick this one. Well my friends, this game was a big part of my childhood. I have played Mario one, with the duckhunt game. – and that dog, I tell yah. I wish I could shoot him when he laughed at me !! HAHA. Mario two, was fun. I liked Birdo, and the bosses were unique. Then Mario 3 came along, and we became the best of friends. Me and my sister played this game ALL THE TIME!! we got along, and didn’t fight. Me being the younger sibling, I was of course, Luigi, but that didn’t bother me one bit. We beat that game sooo many times, we know every secret. That is quite amazing, considering google wasn’t invented until many years later. We did it all on our own, no google, no bing, no game genies, or game guides. It was just me and the sis, as Mario and Luigi. We saved the princess once again!!

Mario 3, really stood out from the crowd when it was released in 1990. Unlike the previous installments flying Mario was introduced as well as some new and unique outfits/powerups. It was a nice change, and I feel like that change itself helped shape Mario into the game it is today.

This youtube video by Typhlosion4President shows the many new and unique powerups Mario 3 had to offer.

As I was watching the above video, my belly felt a warm tingly feeling. Just hearing the Mario score has brought me back to the easier times. I was also watching and telling myself “hey he totally forgot that thing, ” but, of course this was a video to demonstrate the power ups, so I guess the secrets are pretty null.

Not only did MB3 introduce new power-ups it had a new map set up, and some unique worlds, and different level set-ups. Another cool bonus is each of these maps had mushroom houses where you can get items, hammer bros, matching games, and the shuffle game, which is kind of like Mario slots. Also, MB3 had that annoying sun that we all love to hate.

The warp whistles, were also a neat idea. Not necessarily something new, as the first Mario Bros let you warp through pipes, but still a neat concept. Although me and my sister found them all, we only used them for the ice world, because screw that place right?? We only used them for that one world, but always collected them anyways. Its not that we never tried the Iceworld, it just ended up being our less favorite, and we had the materials to skip it, so usually we did. Another thing, which did bring up some sibling rivalries ( all in good fun though) was the battle mode. It was like a break from your adventure for some good koopa stomping fun. It also would be a good pvp challenge as you could steal star cards, or sun flower cards from the other player if you needed the same card to get extra free lives. The first to defeat the required amount of enemies wins, but you can also be an ass to the opposing player and steal the card, with which they have collected at the end of their level.

Now I could ramble on and on, at what made this game so specail, but i doubt anyone has time for that.

This game, has brought up many fond memories. Me and my sister would stay up all night travelling from world to world. Sister and sister, playing as brother and brother. Many a night we went on the same journey, and always ending up victorious in the end. Bowser once again beaten, and Princess Peach once again saved. – She really should stop getting captured though, almost like its on purpose…. hmmm. Haha. We stayed up late playing Mario 3, even on schoolnights. We would have the sound down, and would have to carefully turn the TV on and off, so we didn’t get caught. We had one of those old school wooden TV’s, and no remote. This meant we would have to scramble towards the TV and push the switch to the off position. We would hear someone walk down the hallway, and zoom – zoom. TV off. The knob wasn’t a turning one either it was literally pull it to turn on, and push it to turn off, so even if it wasn’t that loud, we didn’t want anyone to hear us push and pull the knob.

Living life in the 90s with style.

The funny thing is, my mom said she would walk down the hall, extra loud to hear us scramble and pretend to go to bed. This was told to me of course, when I was much older. I guess she wasn’t so mad, considering we were getting along, which isn’t always the case with siblings. We didn’t really fight much though either, considering we shared a bedroom.

Mario three

how I love thee

I mean yeah sure, Mario has definitely evolved throughout the years. I do love Super Mario Bros on the SNES as well (first game to have my favorite Mario character – Yoshi), and Yoshi’s Island. SNES was even better then NES, and then we have the N64, and yeah best Nintendo console ever!!! – although i still prefer NES and SNES Mario’s to the latter made for the N64. Maybe its because those games were my childhood, and the N64 had even better games to offer, besides Mario. Mario 64 was cool and all, and a fun experience, but I will always love MB3, and the SNES games that followed. MB3 really brought me to love this popular franchise though.

1- The Ocarina of Time

This is the game that has meant so much to me. The one game that has IMPActed me the most (see what I did there… ) As I got older so did my much beloved consoles. Waking up one fine Christmas morning all bright eyed and bushy tailed I was excited to see my gift. In my stocking was a copy of Ocarina of Time. My big “Santa” present – well I am sure you could have guessed but a shiny new Nintendo 64, in box, never been opened. I was excited, to have a new system, and a new game to explore. My mom did not know what game to get, but the person at the store recommended Ocarina of Time. Man am I ever glad that they did. I got into it right away’s, and yes I still had my wooden TV – my consoles may have upgraded, but I still had my TV. I enjoyed that TV though. It was there the first time a game scared the crap out of me, and it was there when me and my sister wanted to play Mario. I also had a VCR, so i could watch my cartoons on it as well. Anyways, OOT – beautiful OOT. Best game ever, hands down. This game was awesome. Actually, so was Majora’s Mask, but OOT was what really grabbed hold of me. It still has a hold on me, and I don’t think it will ever let go.

I even had the first two Zelda’s on NES (Zelda 2 – WTF ppl!!!) I also rented Link’s Awakening for my SNES sometimes, but they never compared. This game was just too great.

Most gamers know this legendary game, and if you don’t – well then what is wrong with you?!! HAHA no, I kid ; p.

It’s hard for me to find a negative of this game except it came to an end. I love the characters, the world, the dungeons I even love Kaepora Gaebora, and his annoying long winded dialouge, that if you click too fast, he may repeat it all again. Or Navi’s “Hey, Hey, Listen” I love it all.

The dungeons were so well thought out, with great puzzles that made you stop and think. Bosses that were unique and a world full of these unusual, yet magnificent species- Gorons, and Zoras. It was such an imaginative and new world to me, and I have spent countless hours as Link saving the land of Hyrule from Ganondorfs evil clutches. This game was my favorite thing for a while. School was rough at times – I was a shy, awkward girl with a target for bullies on my back – and I just couldn’t wait to get home, and continue on my journey. What will the next dungeon be like, I wonder what the boss will be, what treasures will I find. I truly wish I could just re live that experience again for the first time – one more time. The game still gives me these awesome feelings, but nothing ever beats the very first time. I have just recently started playing Master Quest on my laptop with project 64 – using a PS3 controller BTW – Nintendo game, on a Windows product with a Sony product, I must tread lightly folks the gaming gods may come down on me. LOL Its been a long time, so I have forgotten some things, and some of the puzzles seem different from what I can remember. I definitely don’t remember cows in Jabu-Jabu’s belly – HAHA. It always brings me to this happy place, and it still does.

” MOO!!! I have no idea what I am doing here, or how I got here, but if you keep shooting me with that slingshot – I will find a way down, and I will kill you.. MOO ” – Liam Mooson

OOT had so many cool and new elements to me, and not only did I find myself fascinated by the world, the environment, and the story – it helped me through some hard times. Some of my worst times actually.

I didn’t exactly have the grandest of childhoods. Sure I had my games, so I was lucky there. I also had a roof over my head, and usually food in belly (When my mom moved and i lived with my dad, food was harder to come by though). The thing is my parents had their vices. These vices ended up controlling their lives. Well not so much my mom. She may have lived many days and years bottle to bottle, but she still made sure we had rent paid. She made sure we had food to eat and video games to play. We had clothes on our backs, and even though lots of it, and lots of my toys, and books were second hand, I didn’t care. I was never brought up to be greedy, selfish or materialistic. My mom did a lot, and sure my dad helped too, but my dad eventually lost himself, and then all of that was up to my mom.

My father started to get trapped in his own addiction. He had a hunger for crack and crystal meth, and feeding that hunger eventually became his number one priority. My mom would be at work, and all his junkie friends would come over to get their fix. I was living in a real world crackhouse with a heavy traffic of addicts constantly coming and going. I had no home to really call home, and I had to watch my dad slowly kill himself everyday. He wasn’t always that bad. When I was younger he actually tried to be a caring father, I guess something just clicked. I have my ideas, and I know he lived a life of guilt and regret. He made a life altering mistake when he was much younger, and I don’t think he ever forgave himself.

So anyways here I was, this young preteen, Bullied and ostracized at school, with even more shattering situations as I get home. Life wasn’t exactly being easy on me, but I had my N64, and I had my Hero of Time. I spent a lot of time locked up in my room, away form the real world. I would play for hours, and hours and hours on end, escaping my reality. I became a cutter at times, and it wasn’t to kill myself. I never had that intent. It was because i wanted to stop feeling this pain, I wanted to feel a different pain to cover up the emotional, and mental pain. Zelda helped me, from going overboard with the cutting though. When I did play, I felt better. For that slight moment I forgot everything else, and focused on my Hylian adventures. OOT was the greatest form of escape for me.

The shitty thing about having crack addicts coming and going as they please is things go missing. OOT went missing, and obviously I was beyond heartbroken. I didn’t even have it finished at that time. I found it though. My cousin and I, were at her friends and they were playing OOT. I noticed one of the names said Gizmo (I liked gremlins, and didn’t know the character as Link when I made the profile) It was a good thing I did name Link as Gizmo instead though, because I would have never known, that this was my game. Some young teen crackwhore I guess sold these guys my game for money – to support her own habits I presume. He must have seen the look on my face, or understood that this game was too awesome to have anyone take it away, so he gave it back to me. He paid for it, but gave it back free. I am so thankful for that guy, because i eventually got to beat OOT, and once again had my escapism.

Now if only I could say nothing was ever stolen from me again. I wish I could, but that would be a big lie. The N64 eventually went missing. I even hid it sometimes. My games, My furby. My mom got me a gamecube, but i didn’t have it very long. I was getting quite far into Metroid Prime too. I have a pretty good idea which addict stole the items as well. She is right at the top of my list.

My mom and dad eventually separated and my mom moved to a bigger city (instead of the small town we lived in – where everyone knows your business). I left with her, and my sister was gone long, ago – she moved away when she was 16. A new life in a big city, well it was a bit overwhelming at first, and I missed my friends so what do I do. Stupidly I moved in with my dad again, and yeah he was much worse now. I never stayed home, usually at my friends who also enjoyed games. Her dad would feed me, and he knew what was going on, so he didn’t mind me staying there every night. I wasn’t in school at this time either.

My sister eventually came back to “take” me home. I was so broken then. I should have never came back, even if it was nearly a year. I am pretty sure i had a bout of PTSD. I barely talked to anyome for a while, but eventually I went back to school, back in the big city.

—– I have to be honest though, I still became a drop out. I went through a lot. My mom said if I quit school, then it would need to find a job and pay rent, so I did.

Ok, so times were hard. When I had OOT, times were hard, but I had that crutch, I had a new world unlike my own. So yes. Ocarina of Time means so much to me. Not only was it fun, and entertaining, it gave me something to look forward too.

How about a few meme’s to bring some happy thoughts to the end of a sad post.

So there we have it folks the 5 games that have impacted me the most. We laughed, we cried. All in all I hope you all had a jolly ol’ time. Do you have similar games on your list? Did any of these games seem like something you would enjoy and might try out. Did you like all the silly meme’s and such. Maybe this is something, you fellow bloggers will want to do as well. Make your own list, and share a link (haha Link) in the comments below, or hey just share your thoughts, or whatever you want. I can leave many things open for discussion. Take care fellow bloggers, and when life gets you down grab that remote and escape it all. It won’t change things, but it may help you feel better and clear your mind if only just for a bit. Let video games have their impact on you, in whichever way they can. Love them, embrace them and be thankful for the time and dedication spent from the creators.

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