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It’s Been A While

“Hello, hello. Are you there. You decent, you alive?”

—- Yes I am here. Decent enough, and my life is constant, although meandering at a slow pace. Nothing to brag about, nor cause a stir over. Just as it usually is. I am graced with a fairly mundane life, but I’m not exactly complaining. Its just that packaged deal you get for being a reclusive hobbit such as myself. I haven’t blogged in quite a while so here I am. Just going to give a bit insight of what I have been up to recently. I will also try to mention a bit about my current writing projects I have been sharing on here. I must make a solemn vow to you and, and to myself to get back into these projects for all your eyes to read. Yeah, I have been really slack-a-lackin’ . I have came up with blogging ideas, but of course I haven’t made an attempt on those. I will mention these briefly as well. (I actually have quite a bit drafts just waiting to be worked on and then released, but I have grown lazy lately.)

Well looky looky, she has made some attempt here.

That bottom one should be a bigger priority. It’s a short Story, and I have planned to share it in two parts. I forgot about that one, actually. I am nearly finished the first draft (the first part of it actually) The silly thing, is I got most of these started when I blogged a little more constantly. Shame on me guys!!

Whats the 4-1-1?!¿¡

What have I been busy doing, that’s just so important to not blog. Well honestly, nothing really. Reading, gaming, binge watching Hells Kitchen episodes. Yeah, that’s basically it. I know, I know. I could take time away out my busy lifestyle for this blog. I guess i just haven’t really been in the mood. Sue me 😜😝. Other then those lovely habits, we have been trying to keep my Stepson at his best at home and at school.

It’s been a bit of a struggle, but of course he’s just 6, turning 7 on the 27th. We have been getting complaints about his behavior at school. He seems to have some issues regarding his emotions, and thinking about whats appropirate vs. whats not. Little man seems to have issues keeping regulated and with his full devided attention. He is now in grade 1, but stubbornly refuses to learn – also Ripping schoolwork, leaving the classroom, not listening or taking part in the learning parts. He’s Refusing to do any writing, or learning how to read and write. He is trying in math though. When it comes to other subjects he doesn’t try. Instead he will rip up the work, and apparently go leave into the halls or lie on the floor. A couple weeks ago he kept hitting kids at recess, but that has stopped. He is getting transferred shortly to a different school that has programs for behavior. This way he will be in a much smaller classroom, and get more one on one time with his teachers. His math is great though, he just needs to do better in other subjects. Especially the writing because, well obviously it’s something he will need to do to get any further in school. Last year, when school was out I prepared him a little. This is possibly why math comes so easy to him. We practiced writing as well, but he doesn’t just seem to inclined to even try at school. Hopefully this new school will work better. If he can’t write things down, he may have to repeat grade 1. I want the best for him, and so does his dad so we have been pushing him recently. Anyways here I am rambling, so moving on.

—My Reading Lists—

I actually haven’t been reading too much, since I last blogged. Still pick up a book time to time, but it hasn’t been everyday or anything. Eventually I will make reviews, but for the time being lets just have a quick look at my current reading/ have read list. This would include both novels and graphic novels.

<<Have read>>



I will eventually get down to reviewing these here soon. The Yattering and Jack graphic novel will be included with my Books of Blood Volume 1 review. I already had a general idea to add other renditions of each short story. Yattering is a short Story in the anthology. You could also see a couple graphic novels in relation to Red Riding Hood. If you have been reading my prose shared, you would notice my own version of this fairytale. Something I need to get back on. For those who are not familiar, its a much darker rendition. I am only currently on chapter 4 though, so not much of that lovely darkness hasn’t happened yet. Now these comics are quite different then my own story. Actually very different, but that’s the beauty of creative writing. Make it your own. Reading these didn’t really spark any ideas or inspiration for my own work. They were fun to read though anyways. I will be working on the next chapter today, so it should be ready soon (for those who have been waiting.)


WHAT!!! No graphic novels?? I am open to recommendations. I actually just recently started reading these more, and I know there is so many to dive right into. I usually enjoy the dark ones with horror, and blood. I also like the graphic novels with sexy ladies. I mean who doesn’t like sexy ladies … amiirght. *wink* *wink*. Cool artwork really helps too. basically I am looking for comics for a more mature audience. Some humor would help as well. Always got time for a chuckle :D.

Now let’s take a brief look into my little world of gaming.

— Gaming Life —

I can nerd it up, and I do spend a quantity of my time doing so. Lately my time has been spent on The Sims 4, and Magic The Gathering: Arena. I have also restarted playing Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude. That last one, hasn’t been played quite so much. When hubby gets home he usually wants to relax on the couch and continue with our binge on Hells Kitchen. Some of the dialogue in Larry is great, so don’t want to miss out or have it overthrow Ramsays multiple use of the or calling someone a donkey.

Also, I have to pick and choose the best times to play it. Its not very appropriate for children, so usually I will play it while little man is in school. We are not ones to just pull the wool over his eyes, but have to draw the line somewhere. We let him watch the Simpsons (he loves Simpsons, and often says “d’oh”, “why you little”, and “excellent” – quoting of course from the series. ) and horror movies. He even likes watching Hells Kitchen. We all know how Gordon likes his profanity. He knows better though. We don’t repeat those words. Chef is an adult so he is allowed. In Leisure Suit Larry however, there is lots of nudity and sexual themes. I mean, it is a game about some guy trying to get laid while he is in college. Anyways before I digress too much here, he likes his games as well. If he’s not playing and I am, he likes to watch. Also, lover isn’t much of a gamer. He will play Call of Duty. I am sure he would get a kick out of the game, but he is -as they say- the breadwinner in our family. If he wants to watch TV to relax and unwind when he gets home, that’s what he does. I am not going to just be selfish, and rude and play a game that is better with sound on.

Now, with Sims 4 I have been focusing on a household of 4 college students. Cleopatra Feundes the aspiring actress. Clarke Duncan the outdoorsy guy with musical talents. Twins Olivia and Harvey Greene. Olivia is a creative nerd who likes her video games – ok sounds a bit familiar haha (except she is blonde, I’m a brunette). Harvey is the athletic jock. Kind of sounds like a cliché movie or T.V. show, with all those tropes lol. Anyways I have them all going to college, and living together. Let me tell you this. Scrambling four sims, and making sure they all do the required schoolwork isn’t the easiest task. I also went into this with no ideas what to do. The first week I signed up for 4 courses for each individual. I didn’t think this through obviously because neither of them got decent grades. They were also always so tired and tense from all the homework, and making sure it was done. They also really had no time to go and explore the universities or meet new people or anything like that. They had no time for themselves, poor Sims. Not easy at all. So of course, the next week I gave them each one course instead and all their grades are improving. I did this for another week after, then added on an elective. So now, they are doing two courses at a time. Another thing I didn’t know was, that you should make them study on the computer or by reading a textbook. The other thing was the class presentations. I had no idea you had to place it in world and make them work on it, then present it. So yeah they still have a lot of work to do, to get those GPA’s up. At least now they aren’t overwhelmed. Often they all will even study together and do homework together. That way their social goes up at the same time :). Maybe, Maybe I will make a blog on their journey. Write it as a story or like a script for a reality show or something. Some ideas have brewed, but not sure how I feel about them yet.

Now with MTGA – Magic the Gathering: Arena. I used to play Magic a long way back. I ended up selling my decks to a pawnshop, because I couldn’t find anyone to play with. That’s were the “magic” comes from owning a laptop. I can play whenever now. I will have to give Wizards some props because they made it fun, and thrilling to play once again. I haven’t played any of the drafts yet, as I am fishing for wild cards, but soon. I actually like how everyday you can get a new deck – well so far. I mean mostly everyday. One day I got a mythic wildcard, and yesterday I got not 1 but 5 whole new decks for completing the daily task. Each deck has 60 cards as well, so plenty of cards to choose from as I craft my own decks. Also, some of the decks you win are actually pretty good. The downside of course is other people are going to have the same decks. This means they will know how to work against it, as you will know when fighting against one yourself. I have been working on some great decks of my own. I love my rogue mill deck, and I should. I had to play many battles to win money and buy boosters. When you do this, you have a chance to get a common, uncommon ,rare and mythic wildcard. These wildcards can be spent on cards you want. Apparently packs won in drafts don’t have these wildcards, but are replaced with rare and mythic cards at random. I am thinking of saving up now for a draft. The one downfall though, is winning gold to enter these drafts and buy the boosters takes some time. The more you play the less gold you win each day. I guess this is to stop non-paying gamers such as myself from farming too much. Oh well. Just means it takes more time

— current writing projects —

On this blog I have been sharing two novels that I have been working on. I have been sharing the first drafts, or in Flames to Dust’s case some second or third drafts. Yes, many drafts and its still got more to come. That is the beauty of writing. Write, revise, write, revise, edit, and write, revise again. Top it off with more edits. Not as easy as some people may think. Nothing comes out perfect the first time. Even Stephen King can’t pound out a perfect novel at the first write, its impossible. RED is a first time write for me, so you will be getting the complete first draft. With FTD some are also first drafts because many times I have lost files and have to rewrite all over again. FTD shouldn’t really be too much of a hassle though. I do have some of it on Wattpad, but anything I shared on here that hasn’t been lost has had small revisions and edits. A working progress. Really though all I have to do is copy and paste and make my edits and revisions all here on WordPress. I just haven’t been in the mood, because revisions and edits can be boring, and at times frustrating. Ok. Sooo.. lets add that to my list after I work on Chapter 4 of RED. A busy day of writing for me my friends.

Earlier I also slightly mentioned a short story I was working on called Through The Depths of Shit. I could add that to the list, as I am close to finishing the first draft of part one. I forgot bout that one, until I looked at my drafted posts this morning. I don’t want to give much away for you guys, but I came up with a tag – “This story will leave a bad taste in your mouth”. I will try and finish that up, so I can share it with ya’ll as well. I have many other stories and projects under my belt, but I don’t want to go too crazy here. I will try my best though to throw in some more short stories here and there.


Why the random Link you ask? well I am going to share some link’s of my own to my stories on this blog if anyone is curious and hasn’t read them yet. All novels will be linked to the 1st chapter

FLAMES TO DUST ~ A high fantasy with dragons, war, evil kings and queens in a world filled with discrimination. Multiple perspectives with a princess, a duo of bred fighters, a reclusive rogue, elven twins and a dragon family. Chapter 10 coming soon.

RED ~ A darker retelling of the classic Red Riding Hood. Redalynne “Red” of the village Drastaire is a young lonely girl who is living like a slave to her Gramma. Chapter 4 coming soon

THE CROWS BITTER SERENADE ~ A short story about a journey. Barry has lost his one true love, and travels and searches for her to get her back, and out of the arms of her new lover. A thrilling story of love with a twist that may make your head spin.

UNNAMED FLASH FICTION ~ A blog here called The Carrot Ranch Community made a flash fiction challenge with a photo of lava. Here you will find my submission. Its a quick read, as I only had 99 words – no more – no less. I came up with something that had fantasy elements to it, and maybe one day it will become a longer piece. From now its just a quick read.

So I guess that’s all for now. Soon I will go pick up the little bugger from school. After that maybe relax a small bit before I work on some writing then get supper started. marinated pork roast (honey garlic) with some mushroom soup rice. My meat is still marinating as we speak and has been since about 10:30 am. Should be tasty.

Later everyone, hope to be back soon. Its been a long time, I know. I can’t leave a promise, but I can say I will try to get some writing done by tonight.

Goodbye everybody!!

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