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Flames to Dust – Chapter 11


“Morning dove.”

Ayden’s eyes opened, to dark green ones watching him contentedly, alluringly. He forgot Katara stayed the night. Her eyes fluttered behind long velvet eyelashes. They looked up at him seductively, as she bit her bottom lip. Her light brown hair scattered all around her face like a sexy mess. Her pink nipples pointed upwards at full attention. He grabbed her face and kissed her violently, like a hungry wolf. His lust also became wolf like. He bit into her neck, and continued down her collarbone. He pushed himself on top. Their bodies met, then climaxed.

Katara kissed Ayden on the chest, then the lips. She got up, dressed, then headed towards the door. She turned her head back towards Ayden, and threw him a coy smile before she turned away and left out the door.

What a night

He took a look down over his body, to notice he was wearing a sheer ladies underdress.

What a night indeed

His head throbbed, and his throat ran dry. He should of stopped drinking by the seventh glass of mead. Fate of course creeped its way up. Grexxi waltzed himself into the room. A banana like grin held back his laughter.

“Excuse me miss, I am looking for my brother. He’s an arrogant arse sometimes, but I love the guy anyways. I’m sure he’s hand his hands all over you at one time or another.”

Ayden glared back at him, trying to hold back a smile.

Damn you Grexxi, my heads already a mess.

“I have to say,” Grexxi’s grin grew even wider, if that were possible. “That color doesn’t exactly suit you. Too see through, there are things I would rather not be put on display.”

Ayden tossed a pillow towards Grexxi. It flew towards him. The soft feather down cushion collided with his face, almost knocking him on his behind.

“You and Katara sure got along last night. Much better than Sally Boy, and Sorin.”

Of course, this wasn’t the first time Ayden and Katara got well acquainted with one another. She was a great lay, very giving when it came to intimate encounters. That’s all Ayden saw in her though. He didn’t need a woman distracting him anyways. He had no time, nor need to get exclusive. Even when his memory shifted to the violet haired vixen in the Capital. She could make his bed warm for a couple nights. He would have fun exploring her body. In the end though, his motives would be for his own selfish desires. Of course, he did find something about her. She interested him, but Ayden knew he could never care for anyone, as much as he did himself. The only girl that really mattered was Scythe. A hairy beast, but a lovable one. He also loved the fight she had in her. She reminded him, of himself that way.

The first time he met her, she was fighting off a pack of wild dogs. She won that fight on her own. She was tough, ruthless. Like the god of deaths own blade, also called a scythe she brought the dogs to their own demise. After her destruction ended she padded up to Ayden, blood dripping from her jaw. Ayden drew his sword as a warning, but she did not attack. Instead she rubbed her head against his hand, then sat in front of him with a drool dripping smile, tongue flapping. That’s when he knew he just picked up another orphan. He couldn’t say no to those soft brown eyes.

“I am getting thirsty though Ayden. Also would be interesting to see how Sal is looking this morning.”

After the trip back to Harrow, Sorin had to slap Sal with some bad news. Taxes were rising exponentially. Sal didn’t take it too well. Greater taxes meant he would have to take cuts out of his own budget. If he lost his pub, he would go mad. That pub has always been his life. With enough liquid fuel in his belly, Sal attacked Sorin. A brawl went down ending with busted fists, and broken noses.

Sorin never meant for it to happen that way. He had no choice. As the holder of Harrow it was his responsibility to follow the Capital’s orders, as well as control his city and the neighboring towns under Harrows hold. Apparently the Capital needed more funds to prepare for an attack. Sylbia claimed this increase would help protect all of Tranche. Sorin of course felt otherwise, but knew it wise to keep Sylbia happy. He had a lot on his shoulders already being both the general of the fighters guild, and holder of Harrow. If he didn’t follow orders and keep the taxes from increasing, Harrow itself would suffer.

The Capital didn’t like it when its Holders didn’t comply by its orders. If Sorin kept everything the way it was, the Capital would take away land, and him and his city wouldn’t have ownership over the smaller surrounding towns. Instead they would be handed off to the competition, one of the other remaining three main cities. Less land meant less farms, and resources. Sure, more towns under your wing meant more mouths to feed. It all worked out though, and the city could remain thriving and poverty would never be an issue.

If it wasn’t for Harrow’s Holder Timoth in the past, the arena may have never had a place in Harrow. The royal family back then, loved the gold-like substance he found. He used a good chunk of it, making his city into gold, but the Queen back then requested enough to make her dresses shimmer. Harrow received hold of the smaller towns Druar, Penony, Highwater, and Cleary. The extra income and resources from those towns helped pay for the arena. The arena ended up gaining more gratification from The Capital. Two more towns were then added under Harrows hold.

Ayden and Grexxi both made their way towards Sal’s. The bell rang, and Sal gave them a friendly wave with a bandaged fist. He appeared to be feeling better.

They went to their regular booth and ordered two ales each.

“So, brother,”said Grexxi. “What’s our next move. With everything that has been happening recently we should come up with a plan of our own.”

“I really haven’t given it much thought,” Ayden answered back, before taking a long sip of his drink.

After one long gulp, Grexxi placed the empty mug on the table with a slam. He wiped the foam off his chin, then started his second drink.

“I never seen a dragon up close, to be honest, I have no idea what to expect,” Ayden said.

“Well I am sure together we can handle it,” Grexxi said. “Maybe we should look for someone else to join us as well. Turn our duo, into a trio.”

Ayden thought of it, and Grexxi could very well be onto something there. They have both trained all their lives for this. Now they were both almost ready to use their skills for the final test. Right in front of a dragon, up close and personal. One more helping hand may actually be all they need to steal glory.

“Who do you think could be a possible candidate?” Asked Ayden. “We need a man who can fight.”

“A man who will never back down,” Grexxi said. “A man with glory in his veins. He should bleed, piss and shit glory.”

“Maybe Sal knows a guy or two,” Ayden suggested.

The two of them discussed it a little more, then looked at Sal. He was the town’s drunk whisperer. His job made it quite easy to hear the latest rumors, and gossip. Grexxi motioned Sal to come sit, and join them for a pint. The morning rush just ended, so Sal took a quick break with the two warriors.

“No need to say it men, I know I overreacted. You two know how much I care about this place,” said Sal before sitting down.

“Nah, we get it.” Grexxi waved his hand about. “If anyone knows how the drink can affect a man, it’s me. We actually have different matters to discuss.”

“We were just discussing that we should add another to our clan,” said Ayden.

“Meet any new and skilled warriors yet, Sally boy.” Questioned Grexxi.

“There’s been a few here, and there. Nobody particularly special though,” Sal answered back. “Come here in a couple weeks though, I am having one of my annual fests. Hopefully I can manage this year. Usually everything is at a discounted price, but with this new tax increase…”

Sal looked down at his folded hands on the table. A long sigh escaped his chest.

“They increased about thirty percent. That’s a big climb. I can see lots of businesses struggling here soon. That greedy bitch of a queen doesn’t care of course. I have a bad feeling about the future if this keeps up, and those dragons will be the least of our worries. Anyways… enough of this depressing banter. Why don’t you two talk to Sorin. I am sure there is a capable man in the guild.”

“Ayden’s ego is like venom. Most of the guild stray away,” said Grexxi. “We need a new face, someone who hasn’t been pissed off by my dear ass of a brother here.”

“Also, many of those goons are just pawns for the capital,” said Ayden with a sneer. “I would rather have a man fight for himself, his home, his land. Not to appease some woman who couldn’t care less if they lived or died. I don’t have time for that. Lots of amateurs as well,” Ayden grumbled.

Sal quietly nodded. “Well my fest is likely to have men from all over Tranche, I am sure there will be a man worthy enough of your expectations. I will keep my eyes and ears open for the both of you.”

“Thanks again Sal,” said Ayden. “And don’t forget you owe me a rematch of daggers, from last year.”

Sal nodded, then the bell on his door chimed. He now had another customer. Another mouth to feed, and another thirst to quench. This was much to his liking, as the queen’s tax increase, was making it harder to get by.

The two men finished their drinks, and headed to train at the arena leaving Sal a hefty tip

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