The Cathedral room grew silent. Shock, fear. The residents of Drastaire began to panic. It took force to cast a hush over the villagers. Klin grabbed onto one man, and pinned him to the ground. Geon grabbed a woman, by twisting her arm behind her head. He told her if she moved, that her arm would break. Elder Tan rang the bell. The room started to vibrate, with a ear piercing dung-dong. Baiza slammed a hammer against a slab of stone.

“I have never seen such chaos, in my whole life. We all need to remain calm,” said Baiza.

“But, the stories. They are real. There are monstrous wolves out there,” screamed a villager.

“We are not safe. They can get through the wall,” yelled another.

Baiza slammed the hammer again.

“Silence, my children. SILENCE!”

The two villagers sat down in the pew. One of them uttered sorry under his breath

“We will be taking some drastic measures here,” said Baiza “This will never happen again. I can assure you. I suggest we all go home. everyone is to panicked to worship the lost today. Everyone get some rest. We can have a service for Drav tomorrow after all our heads are cleared. If it helps you can stay and meditate for a while, but then, go home.”

a few stayed, the rest went home. Yayha and Red went home, but as they left that door they were stopped by Ruby. The large bags under her eyes signified that she wasn’t doing very well.

“He didn’t even want you,” Ruby hollered as she latched onto Red. “He was forced to your hand, and now.”

“Ruby please,” spoke up Veen who was standing behind them. “Red has been through enough.”

“No one will choose you,” yelled Ruby, her finger waving at Red wildly. ” No one.”

“Ruby I think you should just go,” said Veen.

The villagers kept quiet at Dravs service. Out of respect, it was wise not to stir the dead. It started with a meditation circle. Each villager sat on the ground, arms on their knees with fore arms facing upwards. Their palms remained flat.

The elders began to chant in unison. “Death has come. We must now embrace it. Death has come. We must embrace it”

Each elder lit a candle, creating a ring of light around the villagers. They began to chant once more.

“Drav of Klin and Ruby, born under the summer at 4 stone. Born on the twelfth sun of summer. We are here, Drav of Klin and Ruby. Your presence here will be missed. May you find the the holy one, the lord of light.”

Elder Roos and Elder Veen took a bow, then sat in the meditation pose. Elder Grishina and Elder Jer followed sitting behind Roos and Veen. Then the two oldest, Baiza and Tan bowed, and sat behind the other elders. They started to hum. the two elders in the front began to chant the words, in remembrance. Then Jer and Grishina began to chant the same words. Tan and Baiza finished it off. When the elders were done, the whole room remained quiet. They all sat in thought, with memories of the recently deceased.

With the meditation circle being complete, it was time to give regards to the soul. To wish it well on its journey to the holy one. Each villager walked up to Dravs casket with a small gift from there farm. Each gift was tossed in the casket, as they all gave a vocal blessing. The gifts would be Dravs, for his souls journey. Something to eat, to drink, or a braided flower for protection. Most of the villagers cringed when they saw Dravs mangled body. Many of them cried. Red, well she didn’t do anything. She had no gift, which made the villagers glare. She had no words, which made the villagers gossip back and forth. Red just stared. Dravs skin grew pale, and the teeth marks around his face and collarbone looked deep. His jaw was slack. His eyes that were wide, and made him look afraid. Red did not feel any remorse. In fact, she felt relief, and that scared her. Was she truly as evil as everyone made it sound.

Everyone stayed for a meal, made by the elders. Sitting and eating in their pews in silence. Red could hear the elders chat in the corner.

“Maybe she was so afraid, she got choked up,” said Veen

“Well, it was rather disrespectful,” said Tan.

“We need to find her a suitor now,” said Baiza

“Well we have three boys, and two girls their age. Only two years older then Red. It also makes it even now,” said Grishina.

Drav was gone, so new suitors had to be arranged. This Red knew. All the villagers knew. Now, she had to share with Mariwan and Layr. Three boys, and three girls. There was that setback however. All boys wanted to marry Layr. None of them wanted to marry Red. Mariwan got lucky enough, in the middle. The three boys began to argue with Red nearby. The silver lining, Fraun and Heiv became friends again. The untimely demise of marrying a cursed girl brought them closer together.

“I’m not getting stuck with her,” said Fraun his chubby cheeks jingling as he shook his head. “Nope, nope, nope. Not gunna happen.”

“Me neither, and here we were fighting over Layr,” said Heiv. “Lets just pray to the holy one Red don’t choose one of us before Layr does. Heck, Mariwan is pretty enough. I wouldn’t mind her hand either.”

“Truce, bud,” said Fraun

“Truce, and if one of us gets stuck with that demon, we will have the others back.”

“Deal, I won’t let you get killed.”

Edwich spoke up, which wasn’t often. “I want a piece of this deal. Did you just see her. she didn’t even bless him or gift him. I bet she had something to do with all of this.”

Red got up, and left the cathederal. She knew that she would probably get in trouble for it. She couldn’t spend one more second in there, with all those, people. To the forest it is.

She sat at the dock, and waited. Darkness started to fall. Sure Gramma would be mad. At least she had food at Dravs service. The rest of the chores could wait for tomorrow. Red sat, and Bo never showed up. What was going on? Did he somehow feel that she was to blame as well? He couldn’t. He wouldn’t. Maybe something came up. Red waited another hour, but Bo never showed up, so she went back home.

She barely got in the door before Gramma’s voice bellowed back

“Trouble has found you today. Let me tell you. Where have you been.”

“I, went for a walk. I needed too,” said Red

“No,” Yayha yelled. “No. You needed to be there for Drav. And to make things worse, you treated his poor soul with such disrespect. I had to convince the Elders to not punish you. I told them that I would punish you. And by the holy light I will punish you,” her hands started to shake profusely.

Red took a step back, and Yayha took a step forward. Yayha’s eyes grew wide, manic. “You made a mockery of me today. You made a mockery of us all. Not even your mother,” Yayha swung at the air. “Not even your mother would have such disrespect. She followed the rules, because it meant to your father. Her beliefs were unlike ours even.”

Yayha slammed her hand against the wall. Higgons ran off, with a hiss and yowrl. “Mark my words, Redalynne. Mark my words.”

Red started to quiver. Her knees hobbled together. Her teeth dug into her bottom lip, tearing open the cut from her fall. Her breaths become more heavy, more pronounced. Gramma struck her across the face, sending Red to her knees. Yayha grabbed her by a tuft of hair and dragged her to the kitchen. She fiddled in the cupboard, and grabbed a large wooden spoon.

Be strong, Red told her self with cheeks drenched in tears. Be strong.

word count for Nano 1362

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