Quick Look Back Into November So Far

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It’s getting pretty cold here now. Snow blankets the ground, and it’s -8°C right now (17.6°F). Welcome to winter in Canada, Eh’. It could be worse though. I prefer no double digits below freezing. It can fall to -20°C (-4°F), and sometimes, not so often, even colder.

Here I am cozy on the couch with a blanket and warm green tea. The little guy is at his mom’s, while the beau is at work. It’s quiet now, save some echoes of the TV from upstairs. – We rent a basement suite, the landlord, wife and kid live on the main floor. Perfect time to write. A great time to reflect.

We had a birthday for my Grandma on the 7th. She turned 80. It was nice seeing some family – we had a small gathering, about eight people. I don’t get out much, and this was from way before 2020 started. My grandma had a good time though. Her sister from the U.S called her. My cousin made a slideshow, and we had pizza and rumcake. My grandma made her wish, and like a rebel she said it outloud. She wished to live for many more years, so she could be around all the beautiful people here tonight longer . She had tears in her eyes, and I think everyone got a little teary then. She wasn’t crying because she was scared to die. She was crying because she loved how the family put this small get together for her. Happy tears, all around.

Grandma’s gift and card I wrote.

She is of course quite unlike Gramma Yayha in RED. My Grandma Kay, is sweet, genuine. She could never treat one, as Yayha does to Red.

I started a new book, again. Yeah, completely ignoring the books that I am already reading. Also just pretending I don’t already have a TBR list longer then my arm. Do they have a booklovers equilvalent of AA?

Ok, wait a second. So I started two. Wait what! Yeah, I may have a problem. To be fair, this other one was on my TBR.

I began to read Obsìdian by Jennifer L. Armentrout for a lighter read. By the end of October I finished caught by Harlan Coben. I was reading other books, but most were fantasy. I wanted to read something, but not invest too much thought into it. I find, that’s what a lot of YA is good for. So henceforth, I picked up Obsidian.

Like many YA the plot can be predictable, with common tropes throughout. It’s nice to read sometimes though. You don’t have to read a distinguished plot, or focus on extravagant world building. It’s airy, and uncomplicated. Sometimes our brains need that.

In this book we have the hottie next door. A moody ass, but what an ass! – are we talking about the same asses here, distractions much. Hes got that obvious hot boy thing hoing on. Fit body, captivating green eyes. The downfall, well his attitude stinks. Him and Katy don’t generally like eachother at first of course, and thus develops that predictable we fall in love trope. Like ya’ll didn’t see that coming. This next door, love named Daemon, it turns out is an alien. OK maybe coming off a bit twilightesque now? Better then twilight though. In fact, their is humorous jabs in this book at Twilight itself. I am about two thirds in right now. Not a compelling read, but it’s fun.

I saw some Chevy Stevens, so I got a little antsy and opened one right aways. A few years ago, maybe a little more I read That Night from Chevy Stevens. Remembering that I liked it, I kept the author’s name in mind. This is now me ignoring my TBR, and all the other books i was currently reading. I am about halfway through Always Watching right now.

In Always Watching we have psychologist, Dr.Nadine Lavoie who just wants to help people with their mental struggles. A patient named Heather comes into her ward, battered, broken, and suicidal. After talking with Heather, a name comes up. Aaron Quinn. Nadine knows that name, and something about it haunts her. Aaron was the leader of this commune she used to live in, as a young girl. Repressed memories keep coming back, leaving Nadine with many unanswered questions.

So far a decent read. A psychological thriller with twists and turns. It’s easy to get into, because you have a desperate need to know what’s going to happen next.

In gaming news, I got back into Stardew Valley for a bit. It’s a farming simulator much like Harvest Moon or Rune Factory.

it’s a nice way to pass time. Work on your garden. Give your animals pets. Go fishing, explore the caves or make friends with the villagers. It’s a great game for those stuck inside during these covid ridden days. You can’t go out much, but you can stay in and emulate going out by playing a game. I’m still deciding if I should marry Shane or Leah.

Art by brynnmhage via Deviantart.
Art by Hyoukyo via Instagram

November, November. It’s Nano-November!

Oh, don’t get too excited now. Tis the month when writers shall ignore all the people, all the chores, all the distractions. 50,000 words must be written. A task that takes a great deal of the said writers time and devotion. Celebration should be saved when the deal is done.

So the big question is, how did I do so far? Let’s break it down.

I didn’t do too great during the first week of November. We have:

Chapter 6 of RED, which came to 1511 words.

Its a sweet chapter. We get some one on one time with Red and Bo. They each have gifts for eachother.

The beginning of my short story The Covid Killer. I have already started it before Nano, so all the words didn’t count. The word count I included for Nanowrimo was 1018.

My synopsis, I feel is – After losing his father to Covid-19, Miles Pestigrowe goes through extreme measures to ensure no one else spreads the virus. In the first post we get to first meet Miles, and what drives him to do the things he plans to do. A great insight into his mind.

That was all for the first week. A measly 2529 words. But hey, every word counts right.

Week two was better:

Chapter 7 of RED, came to 1868 words.

We fast forward a few years and Red is starting to blossom into a woman. At first she doesn’t know which is going on, since no one really talked it over with her before. In this chapter we also learn some of the traditions of the villagers, and what they do when a girl first “flowers.”

RED – Chapter 8 has a wordcount of 1854

Its the day of Red’s ceremony and dance. In this chapter we get to know more of the kind hearted Veen. We also get to know Reds future husband Drav.

1449 words for RED – Chapter 9.

Drav has gone missing you say?

I have managed to write 1394 words in Part II of the Covid Killer

Concluding where we left the first part, we start with the aftermath of the first murder. This was a fun chapter for me to write. Just going to say, don’t be one of those assholes that hoard toilet paper. The Covid Killer will find you.

The Tenth Chapter of Red ended up being 1362 words.

It’s Dravs funeral. Some world building with traditions here. Also, Red doesn’t make things easy on herself.

1682 more words for the list as we continue with Miles’ story in The Covid Killer Part III

In this snippet, we get more background into Miles. We also learn what really happened to his arm.

So now we have accumalted 8106 words in the second week, bringing our grand total to – 10 635 words. 39 365 words to go, and the month is almost half way over. This week I will have to push even farther.

I wanted to get the next Chapter of Red out, as well as the conclusion to The Covid Killer, by the end of lastnight. It just didn’t happen that way. I do have a plan in my head for both already though, so it should only be a matter of time.

2 thoughts on “Quick Look Back Into November So Far

    1. Yeah, it’s a tad chilly I may say. Don’t be discouraged yourself though. It’s my 3rd year at Nano and I have yet to win, so far. As long as you get some writing done. That should be enough of an accomplishment. Not sure how this year will go, but we will see.

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