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“Bones, what have you done,” said a woman, his mother, with a face full of scorn. “Why have you put this target on our backs.”

Bones did not speak up. How could she understand. His mom started to snarl, her lip curling upwards. She began to growl.


His mom’s body started to quiver. Her shoulders pushed upwards, and her spine began to protrude from her flesh. Hair grew all over her skin. Her hands turned into massive paws, and sharp canines pushed their way out, as her nose changed into a cold wet snout. She hopped onto Bones, her teeth snarling. She nipped into his shoulder and Bones started to go through the same change. He howled back at her. His teeth almost met her neck, when his dad looked back at him, and gave his head a shake.

“Aya, please,” his father spoke up. “May I have a word with our son before you rip him into shreds.”

Aya’s body started to change again. The fur changed to skin, and her bones popped inwards. “Very well then, Graive,” she said after turning back into a human. “Maybe you can knock some sense into him. She walked away, leaving Bones and Graive around the fire.

“Son,” said Graive. “Bo, I must know why?”

Bo looked at his dad, then quickly turned his head. “I did it for her, for Red. That boy hurt her. She was forced to marry him, and he hurt her. I could never let that happen again,” he growled.

“The villagers have gone mad. They want our clan dead now. Do you realize, now, that we have to hide out again. Now its harder to get food,” said Graive, Bo’s dad. “Look, Bones. I get that you like this girl, even have some deep feelings for her. She is a human though, and a villager. I have warned you already to not get attached.”

“She’s nice, shes not like them. Not like the villagers,” said Bo.

“I get that, I have watched you two together enough. Still, Bo. You should have let it go. You had no right to get involved.”

“He hurt her dad, he didn’t care. He would have been a horrible husband for her.”

“Bones, it is not up to you to save her. Now, we have to stay low. They have already sent their own to find you. To find the beast that killed their own. I forbid you from seeing her again. I FORBID YOU.”

“But Dad, she will wait for me. It will break her heart when I don’t show up. She needs me, to keep her safe form the other clans, from our clan.”

“You gave her the red hood son. It will protect her. The one with the color of blood draped over their shoulders is one with the lycans. You know how the myth goes.”

“But, but, she might get worried. She might come find me,” said Bo

“I will make sure she doesn’t find our camp. Then she will be too scared to come even remotely close enough,” said Graive.

Bo’s eyes filled with one part sorrow, two parts fear.

“Don’t look at me like that. I won’t hurt her. Just scare her off a little. You must listen to me now. No more time with Red. I have kept this secret from your mother the whole time. You know how she feels about secrets.”

“Are, are you going to tell her?”

“No,” said Graive, “she would have my head on a platter if she knew I have been hiding this from her. But, if you betray me now, I might have to. Then you can deal with your mother, when she’s done with me. You know fairly well it won’t be pretty. Tell me now, that I have your word.”

Bo held his tongue

“TELL ME, that I have your word Bones,”

Bo gave his father a nod.

“Say it. Say I have your word,” yelled Graive

“You have my word father,” said Bo, he forced the words out.

“Good,” said Graive. “Now we have to come up with something, a reason as to why you killed that boy. Your mother will want to know.”

“He deserved it, that’s why.”

“Not good enough, son,” he shook his head. “You go. Go do something with Timber. I will think of something.”

Bo walked away. Passed his mother, who met him with a glare. He walked passed a large lean-to, and through a small clearing of trees. His younger brother, Timber was chasing a squirrel in his lycan form. Timber panted. The squirrel took off, and up a tree. The wolf padded towards the tree, and stood on his hind legs. His front paws rested against the bark.

“Hey Tim, sometimes you need a little more patience. Here watch.”

Bo’s body started to shift. His back became arched as the spinal cord popped out, then retreated back. His mouth grew wide, as if he had a great yawn. Long slender teeth popped out, sharp enough to crack open a skull. He howled, then motioned for Tim to follow. They crawled into a thicket of tall clover and grass. Bo turned towards his brother, and gave him a nod. The wolves got low, and waited. They waited some more, and the squirrel hopped from one branch to the next. It’s whiskers twitched as it sniffed the air. It looked back to where the two wolves were hiding. It could not find its predators, so it started to climb back down branch by branch. The critters tiny head lifted up, keeping its attention on the wolves’ hiding place every time it hopped down. The two lycan brothers kept still, their eyes firmly on the prize. Tim’s backside started to jiggle back and forth. Bo set his paw on his brothers. At four years younger, he sill had a lot to learn. Not yet, be still, his eyes cautioned. The squirrel jumped down another branch.

Timber bolted forward, and the squirrel rushed up towards the top of the tree. Bo, now back in his human form, walked up to his brother.

“You should have waited,” Bo sighed.

Tim began to whimper. He laid in the grass and covered his nose with his paws. He started to make low howling noises. Bo sat beside him and scratched behind his ears. Tim rested his head on Bo’s lap.

“You will get the hang of it,” said Bo.

word count for Nano 1084

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