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Bizarre Weapons: the Lantern Shield — Nicholas C. Rossis

Robert Arthurs reports on Quora first seeing this wonder of medieval over-specialization on display in Vienna, Austria: Doesn’t it look awesome? Well, looks can be deceiving. You see that small hole in the top region of the shield? That is where a soldier would put a small lantern so that he could see at night. […]Continue reading “Bizarre Weapons: the Lantern Shield — Nicholas C. Rossis”

The Covid Killer – Part II

Miles watched from his kitchen window. Red and blue lights flashed. Paramedics lifted the battered corpse onto a gurney. The head had been blown clean off, only random pieces of it remained. Miles took a long sip of black coffee as he kept his full attention on the body outside. He chuckled to himself. HeContinue reading “The Covid Killer – Part II”


The knocking became persistent. “Yayha, Redalynne. It’s urgent please. It’s about Drav.” Red peeked out her window. Dravs mom stood pink eyed behind Elder Baiza, and one of the male elders, Tan. She clutched onto her husbands hand. Red heard Yayha come down stairs. She opened the door. “Please come in,” said Yayha. “Thank you.Continue reading “RED – CHAPTER 9”


A few years passed by, and Red never went anywhere without her hood. It became an attachment. An extension of her self. Like a young toddler with a security blanket, she couldn’t leave the house without it. Often she would use it to hide her face from the other villagers of Drastaire. Face down, shouldersContinue reading “RED – CHAPTER 7”

Grimm Fairy Tales: The Piper – Graphic Novel Review

This comic starts out fairly dark. Grimm one might say. It begins with the famous German legend of the Pied Piper from Hamelin. There have been quite a few different ways to tell this story. Different endings, plots ect. The piper story has been widely used in literature and media for many, many years. YouContinue reading “Grimm Fairy Tales: The Piper – Graphic Novel Review”

The Covid Killer

Frank Pestigrowe deserved a better death. He lived a fair life, as a more then fair man. His son Miles watched him in the hospital every night until the time came when he would breathe his final breath. Devastation leeched through Miles’ veins. It coursed deep. So deep it was all he felt. His leftContinue reading “The Covid Killer”


Red’s shoes walloped against the gravel. Small stones flew about around her tiny ankles. The forest remained still, surrounding her in an eerie silence. The only sounds that echoed back were of her running footfalls .She cradled a whicker basket, over her left arm. It swayed to an fro as she trotted along the ground.Continue reading “RED – CHAPTER 6”