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Flames to Dust – Chapter 11

“Morning dove.” Ayden’s eyes opened, to dark green ones watching him contentedly, alluringly. He forgot Katara stayed the night. Her eyes fluttered behind long velvet eyelashes. They looked up at him seductively, as she bit her bottom lip. Her light brown hair scattered all around her face like a sexy mess. Her pink nipples pointedContinue reading “Flames to Dust – Chapter 11”


Red finished her chores with ease and haste. She had other plans for the day. Bo. She didn’t know how to find him, but that would be her main objective. The woods didn’t scare her. At this point, she would prefer to live out there. Bo’s dad appeared to have a heart. He didn’t likeContinue reading “RED – CHAPTER 5”

Flames to Dust – Chapter 10

Wispy, translucent wings sliced through the air. They vibrated at a vast speed, making a soft pitter-patter sound. The dragonfly found a light blue flower as it’s destined landing spot. Sky didn’t want to catch it, but needed it for the trip. She clasped two hands together in a quick jolt around the insect. SheContinue reading “Flames to Dust – Chapter 10”


Red woke up early, as if father was waiting. She stretched. Her elbow hit the wall making a painful clunk. She tried to give her legs a stretch, but barely had any room to do so. The small attic made them cramped so she wasted no time, and trotted down the stairs. Yayha stood waiting,Continue reading “RED – CHAPTER 4”

It’s Been A While

“Hello, hello. Are you there. You decent, you alive?” —- Yes I am here. Decent enough, and my life is constant, although meandering at a slow pace. Nothing to brag about, nor cause a stir over. Just as it usually is. I am graced with a fairly mundane life, but I’m not exactly complaining. ItsContinue reading “It’s Been A While”

He Had a Dream, About Time We Fulfilled It

On August 28, 1963 A man stood up in front thousands of people. He told them of his dream. A dream to end the violence. A dream to end the racism. This man was Martin Luther King Jr. King was an American Christian minister born on January 15, 1929 to Reverend Martin Luther King Sr.Continue reading “He Had a Dream, About Time We Fulfilled It”

No, you don’t have to follow everyone back.

We are in an era where social media is the king of the crop. Almost everyone has at least one social media account. We have Facebook. Then we have countless others, where we follow other strangers and they follow us aswell. Now, one may think it’s etiquette to follow them back, but think about thatContinue reading “No, you don’t have to follow everyone back.”

Q&A – Part 3

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. Ralph Raldo Emerson What is your favorite app right now? On my phone, it’s probably my Readera App. I use it to read my ebooks, and I have quite the collection downloaded to my phone. It’sContinue reading “Q&A – Part 3”

RED ~ CH 3

In a weeks time, it would be the harvest festival. Red loved this time of year, usually. The colors of the village grew bright as the leaves took their change. The weather changed from a pleasant warm air, to a slight chill breeze. People of the village were working extra hard, to make sure theirContinue reading “RED ~ CH 3”

Flames To Dust – CH 9

Tyranus barely left Ghwendolyn’s side ever since the birthing. Often He would lie cradled beside both her, and the eggs with the eggs nestled snugly between them. Sometimes he would sleep while the stone like shells rested against his chest, so his babes could listen to his heartbeat. This morning was not anything different. HeContinue reading “Flames To Dust – CH 9”