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The Lost – Jack Ketchum- book&movie review

Jack Ketchum is a great horror author, and his book The Lost is just as great as the others I have read so far. This story packs quite the punch in the prologue, with the average Ketchum gore and descriptive violence. We start with one of our main characters – who is also, the villianContinue reading “The Lost – Jack Ketchum- book&movie review”

Boomer’s Book Reviews: Ten Tiny Breathes -K.A. Tucker

A contemporary novel about a girl who suffers from PTSD Imagine losing most of the people you care about in one night. Imagine hearing your mother’s last final breaths. Just imagine. They all die, yet you survive. This is Kasey Cleary’s demise. A heart-shattering event has rendered her into a cold, biased, and jaded cynic.Continue reading “Boomer’s Book Reviews: Ten Tiny Breathes -K.A. Tucker”

The Nameless Ones ● Chapter ~ 2

View Chapter One here —- > Hooded figures strolled down the gilded path. They walked aimlessly and without worry on both sides of the pathway, a sharp weapon in hand. They were a barricade to the Feigms between them, whom proudly and dominantly had a tail trailing behind them. Reijha felt an emptiness inside,Continue reading “The Nameless Ones ● Chapter ~ 2”

Boomer’s Book Reviews – Drawn

       Drawn By: James Hankins “This book is for my sons, Alex and Zachary, who won’t be old enough to read it for many years but whose appropriately childlike wonder — which constantly makes me question the impossible — helped me to write it. —–Opening dedication  as written by James Hankins As “punny”, and cornyContinue reading “Boomer’s Book Reviews – Drawn”

The Nameless Ones

~ 1 ~ *First Revision * Reijha strolled through the cold, dark and enveloping halls of Cyn. Gelid metal chains were secured around his ankles. Shackles, just as cold and objectionable were tightly bound around his tan wrists. The shackles were just tight enough to make his grimalkin like hands numb, and defective from aContinue reading “The Nameless Ones”