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Flames to Dust – Chapter 10

Wispy, translucent wings sliced through the air. They vibrated at a vast speed, making a soft pitter-patter sound. The dragonfly found a light blue flower as it’s destined landing spot. Sky didn’t want to catch it, but needed it for the trip. She clasped two hands together in a quick jolt around the insect. SheContinue reading “Flames to Dust – Chapter 10”

Flames to Dust – CH8

Ch 7 Harps could be heard. Lyrical songs about death, surrounded the area. White flowers were spread about, as well as everyone dressed in white to match. A basic Elven funeral. White unlike black, which symbolizes death. Elves believed that after death we became pure once again. Out from the old life, into the new.Continue reading “Flames to Dust – CH8”