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“Bones, what have you done,” said a woman, his mother, with a face full of scorn. “Why have you put this target on our backs.” Bones did not speak up. How could she understand. His mom started to snarl, her lip curling upwards. She began to growl. “I DO NOT LIKE THIS SILENCE!” she barked.Continue reading “RED – CHAPTER 11”


The Cathedral room grew silent. Shock, fear. The residents of Drastaire began to panic. It took force to cast a hush over the villagers. Klin grabbed onto one man, and pinned him to the ground. Geon grabbed a woman, by twisting her arm behind her head. He told her if she moved, that her armContinue reading “RED – CHAPTER 10”


A few years passed by, and Red never went anywhere without her hood. It became an attachment. An extension of her self. Like a young toddler with a security blanket, she couldn’t leave the house without it. Often she would use it to hide her face from the other villagers of Drastaire. Face down, shouldersContinue reading “RED – CHAPTER 7”


Red’s shoes walloped against the gravel. Small stones flew about around her tiny ankles. The forest remained still, surrounding her in an eerie silence. The only sounds that echoed back were of her running footfalls .She cradled a whicker basket, over her left arm. It swayed to an fro as she trotted along the ground.Continue reading “RED – CHAPTER 6”


Red finished her chores with ease and haste. She had other plans for the day. Bo. She didn’t know how to find him, but that would be her main objective. The woods didn’t scare her. At this point, she would prefer to live out there. Bo’s dad appeared to have a heart. He didn’t likeContinue reading “RED – CHAPTER 5”


Red woke up early, as if father was waiting. She stretched. Her elbow hit the wall making a painful clunk. She tried to give her legs a stretch, but barely had any room to do so. The small attic made them cramped so she wasted no time, and trotted down the stairs. Yayha stood waiting,Continue reading “RED – CHAPTER 4”

RED ~ CH 3

In a weeks time, it would be the harvest festival. Red loved this time of year, usually. The colors of the village grew bright as the leaves took their change. The weather changed from a pleasant warm air, to a slight chill breeze. People of the village were working extra hard, to make sure theirContinue reading “RED ~ CH 3”