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“Bones, what have you done,” said a woman, his mother, with a face full of scorn. “Why have you put this target on our backs.” Bones did not speak up. How could she understand. His mom started to snarl, her lip curling upwards. She began to growl. “I DO NOT LIKE THIS SILENCE!” she barked.Continue reading “RED – CHAPTER 11”


The Cathedral room grew silent. Shock, fear. The residents of Drastaire began to panic. It took force to cast a hush over the villagers. Klin grabbed onto one man, and pinned him to the ground. Geon grabbed a woman, by twisting her arm behind her head. He told her if she moved, that her armContinue reading “RED – CHAPTER 10”


The knocking became persistent. “Yayha, Redalynne. It’s urgent please. It’s about Drav.” Red peeked out her window. Dravs mom stood pink eyed behind Elder Baiza, and one of the male elders, Tan. She clutched onto her husbands hand. Red heard Yayha come down stairs. She opened the door. “Please come in,” said Yayha. “Thank you.Continue reading “RED – CHAPTER 9”

The Crows Bitter Serenade, short story by C.L. Muileboom

 No coverage, not even one bar. The beep-beep itself signified the battery’s already depleting life, so it didn’t really matter anyways. An overcast canvassed the sky giving it a perfectly even dullness, making it difficult to tell the time of day, much less which direction was north or south . A two-lane blacktop road snakedContinue reading “The Crows Bitter Serenade, short story by C.L. Muileboom”

Boomer’s Book Reviews: Ten Tiny Breathes -K.A. Tucker

A contemporary novel about a girl who suffers from PTSD Imagine losing most of the people you care about in one night. Imagine hearing your mother’s last final breaths. Just imagine. They all die, yet you survive. This is Kasey Cleary’s demise. A heart-shattering event has rendered her into a cold, biased, and jaded cynic.Continue reading “Boomer’s Book Reviews: Ten Tiny Breathes -K.A. Tucker”