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Flames to Dust – Chapter 11

“Morning dove.” Ayden’s eyes opened, to dark green ones watching him contentedly, alluringly. He forgot Katara stayed the night. Her eyes fluttered behind long velvet eyelashes. They looked up at him seductively, as she bit her bottom lip. Her light brown hair scattered all around her face like a sexy mess. Her pink nipples pointedContinue reading “Flames to Dust – Chapter 11”

Flames to Dust – CH5

Chapter 4 –> Chapter 1 –> Ayden and Grexxi arrived through Everdales studious wooden gates. Everdale looked nice for a capital, but it was nothing compared to his golden paved home. It was however; more green, natural . Flowers blossomed and trees were spread throughout the colorful and lively city. The patrons either donnedContinue reading “Flames to Dust – CH5”

Flames to Dust – Ch 3

View previous Chapter (2) here —- Start with Chapter one here — Dawn broke over the horizon, in the fine city of Harrow. A majestic city, a golden city. The buildings were all painted a gold colour. Everything had this shimmer. From the roads, to the high stone statues spread about. Many years agoContinue reading “Flames to Dust – Ch 3”

Flames to Dust – Ch 2

Read Chapter one here —-> The sunshine sparkled within the dewdrops as Tyranus lifted his crimson dragon head. He sniffed the senses of the morning, and took in its sweet embracing odour. The forest which surrounded him was filled with trees, tall like giants. Mountains that reached as high as the blue skies above keptContinue reading “Flames to Dust – Ch 2”

Flames to Dust

A wet cough echoed through the room as her father, Percy held a crimson stained cloth to his mouth. The stain grew darker, wider as he hacked into it once more. Braelynne’s hands clenched together tightly under the long table as she watched her father slowly die. Each day he appeared to get worse.