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Flames To Dust – CH 9

Chapter 8 Chapter 1

Tyranus barely left Ghwendolyn’s side ever since the birthing. Often He would lie cradled beside both her, and the eggs with the eggs nestled snugly between them. Sometimes he would sleep while the stone like shells rested against his chest, so his babes could listen to his heartbeat. This morning was not anything different.

He had a good rest, no nightmares this time. Tyranus stretched his neck. Tiny cracks shivered down the bones. He got up slowly, not wanting to wake Ghwen. He took a short walk near a large tree with bright green leaves, and spread his wings wide open, relaxing any constraints.

Through a slender pathway came Enzemeen. Her silver hair was crowned with the fallen leaves before the first frost. Gold, yellow, brown, and red. The colors blended beautifully in a perfect infusion along her brow, and nape. Her eyes were a milky pink, almost as if she were blind. She could see though, she could see much more than most even. Her face and body made her look like she was in her early twenties. Mother Earth however, aged beyond millennia.

1037 years ago, she saved the remainder of her race, and lineage. The great sacrifice she made, gave her eternal life. Of course the Draconians were few and far between now. Only a small handful of ten remained after their untimely dissolution. A strong enough bloodline however, that the smallest hint of lineage could indeed have potent genetic effects.

“Just came to see how everyone is doing.” Said Mother Earth. As she smiled back at Tyranus, Enzemeen’s eyes flickered with a touch of luminance.

“How much longer?” Tyranus asked. “When will my kin hatch?”

Enzemeen walked towards the nesting area, particles of pollen followed behind her, and landed on vibrant pink flora named kisses of sun. The petals opened up, and their sweet scent filled the air surrounding them. Kisses of Sun, were filled with a nourishing nectar that the young drakes could feed on, once they were born. Ghwen also loved to nibble on the stems when they were tall, wispy, and fully grown.

Slowly she sauntered on next to Ghwendolyn and the eggs. Ghwen’s eyes opened into slits, stared back at Enzemeen, then shut closed. Mother Earth, placed her palms against each egg, feeling for any energy that radiated from within.

“The drakes seem to be growing at rapid levels.” said Enzemeen. “significantly faster than normal. They will be powerful once fully grown. I give them another week, or two.” She turned towards Ty, a smile casted on her face. “Not much longer now.”

Jubilance filled Tyranus’ chest, giving him this warm glow. Enzemeen gave him a beaming smile, as the pink in her eyes brightened. Her face said it all, Mother Earth had some good news.

“I have also had another vision, and came here to let you two know. Like most of them, it’s not yet very clear, but another Draconian is out there. She or he will have a big impact on our future. They are unaware of their fate right now. Soon, their own life will take a new path. I see a breaking point in their midst, and it will lead them towards us and our salvation, eventually. “

Another Draconian? This could mean big news. The sun and the moon would be most pleased to know that the dragons were to have them once again at their side. Like the good old days when the first dragons hatched and found life.

“Also” Enzemeen continued, her chin lowered towards the ground. The brightness in her eyes dimmed slightly. “I see even bigger problems surfacing. The end of time may be drawing near. It’s up to our prophetic hero’s, to save everyone now. No longer just your species. All I know is, someone will grow mad with power. Even more so, then your lovely Uncle.”

Tyranus didn’t know what to say. An eerie waft of terror fluttered up his spine, making him shiver.

“So, do you think my children will be involved? With saving the world I mean.”

“I believe so. I am afraid so. They will be strong, believe me when I say that. I can already feel immense powers growing within their shells. They will have a heavy burden on their shoulders for a while though. They’re going to need you to be their relief once in a while.”

“I will do anything that I have to do. I will vow to that.” Said Ty. “but, what about Klae. Is there a connection?”

“I’m not entirely sure, to tell you the truth. I just discovered it all last night. Shaky tremors escalated down my spine, making me wake in a pool of sweat. A voice then called back, telling me that Klae’s reign is only the beginning of something even bigger. Merely nothing but a distraction for the humans, a distraction from their own demise. If Klae is beaten, the dragons will stand a chance. The dragons may have to join with the humans, if they want to give the rest of their lives a chance. It will affect every living species walking amongst us. The end of all is nigh, and only those with both the greatest power, and heart can stop it all.

“There’s also one more thing.” Enzemeen’s face flattened. “I would hate to ask you of this, but I need your lightning. One flash is all I ask of you. I want to form a sight bubble, and try to get a better vision.”

“Don’t worry about it, I can do that. I have lots of life force yet. I haven’t used my abilities much since coming here to Haven. I won’t be drained for a long time still.”

“Yes, I know. I just don’t like the thought of you dying anytime soon. The problem with being my age, is you watch everyone pass on when you remain standing there alive, yet all alone. It’s the worst part of being eternal.”


The blue-green bubble looked gelatinous as it spun around in the air. Tyranus watched it and focused his powers towards it. With a crack in the air, came a brilliant flash of light. It struck the bubble, making it glow a bright white. Mother Earth placed her hand under it, letting it rotate casually. She opened her hand wider, and the bubble got bigger. It flashed, and images started to form.

Tyranus has never watched a vision before. He never wanted to. He didn’t like knowing certain things. Ty felt that knowing what is to come, could lead to his insanity. He knew he had to. The lives of his children could be transmitted against the liquid-like orb that lied before him.

He saw two elves, they looked like husband and wife, as they ran hand to hand and watched for the other mate carefully. The female had something in her hand, but it was hard to tell what. Only a blood red pointed gem showed, the remainder hid under her sleeve. She looked worried, her mate notices this and pats her back. Their heads snapped back, then they make a run forward. The female stops in front of a foxhole. Her lips move, as if she is singing. An orange head pokes out, it’s nose long and black. The fox jumps out, and turns back. His teeth become barred, but in a smiling way. He takes off, and the elves go into the now empty foxhole.

You can then see them digging, their pace being rapid.

The vision flickers.

New moving pictures start to form. Poverty at what appears to be a large city. Beggars appear everywhere, as the clean cut, and washed walk around in maroon attire. Many of these privileged men and woman have a smug smile, as they coast the streets. A beggar is spotted being kicked down, made a fool of by a large man donning maroon armor.

The bubble pops, glittering drops sprinkle about.

“What does it all mean.” Asked Tyranus

“I can’t say for sure… most of my visions are more… whispers of words and sonnets. I don’t like asking for your lightning for a sight bubble. Mine doesn’t work, as my powers are purely meant to keep a circle going of natural occurrences in the earth, to benefit it.”

“From what I can gather is something that is needed to be a supreme ruler, but has been hidden. I am guessing that’s what the elves were doing. The grim future, in which I told you about can get worse if this hidden item is found by the wrong people.”

“Then death will take all…” said Tyranus, his yellow eyes glowing

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