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The Nameless Ones

~ 1 ~

  • *First Revision *

Reijha strolled through the cold, dark and enveloping halls of Cyn. Gelid metal chains were secured around his ankles. Shackles, just as cold and objectionable were tightly bound around his tan wrists. The shackles were just tight enough to make his grimalkin like hands numb, and defective from a loss of blood circulation. This was to allievate him from retracting his sharp pointed fingerblades. His face was composed, but many layers of confusion traversed in that golden, mained head of his.

He did not know why he was now in these dim halls. He did not understand why he was dragged here so forcibly, with two guards on either side of him. Reijha mostly kept the peace, and always followed the Lords rules.
Usually ones who are disloyal, and dissonant to their kind were sent here. Reijha was neither of those things.

The elephantine stone doorways opened, and he was brought into the throneroom. Waiting upon Reijha’s arrival stood Lord Scheck. His mane was entwined in a long braid which grazed the small of his back, just over where his tail stretched out. He didn’t look to pleased as his eyes pierced right through Reijha’s soul. His fangs gleemed, as he pulled out a sharpening stick.

Scheck opened his hand, and retracted his own collection of finger blades. He took the stick and started to file the ends of his claws, making them barbed and much sharper. He then threw the sharpening stick towards another Feigm who was holding a long sharp knife. The Feigm’s furry hands started to slide the stick down the end of the blade. It appeared even sharper then the finger blades Scheck proudly kept a lot of maintenance towards.

“Do you understand the latitude of what you have done!” Sheck hollered back at Reijha. He then put his hand palm towards himself, and took notice of his own finely crafted finger blades. “I am very disappointed in you, Reijha.”

At first Reijha said nothing, as he was at a loss for words. He knew he had to speak up though. Sheck had a thin patience, and Reijha did not want to displease him anymore.

“I am sorry Lord Sheck, but I have no idea what you are talking about. I don’t even know why you had your own men drag me here in the first place.” Reijha tried to remain calm, but there was a slight tone of enrage. It seemed to find a way, to whip right off the end of his tounge.

“Calm down. Your choice of tone, displeases me. ” Sheck himself, was clearly pissed by his tone, but he was a Feigm of power. His own rules didn’t even apply to him.

Reijha remained quiet, as he tried to recollect anything that may have put a bounty on his back. Like many Feigms in his city of Asuandra, he never thought twice about breaking the law, or displeasing his Lordship. It made no sense to him, he must have been framed, but by who? Reijha had no enemies, he never gave anyone a reason to be. Reijha often helped when he could, and never spoke a sour word of another. The karmic energies of the early day fire-eye should be shining upon him, sending its glowing energy down upon him – fur and flesh. Bad luck, and negative energies should have never found their way towards him.

“Now I am sure you understand the circumstances from your acts of treason. Please come forth” , Sheck grumbled.

Slowly Reijha made his way up a stone stairway that led closer to Sheck’s throne. Sheck then got up and his eyes watched as the sharpened knife was getting ready.

“Please, place your body accordingly. I know you have watched this done many a time. You know what you are here for. ”

Reijha placed his neck on a cold Stone slab. Sheck walked by wacking Reijha with his tail., as obvious form of mocking to the young, innocent, yet accused Feigm. Visions started to come back, memories.

He remembered his mother, Awahna speaking to him and his siblings as cubs.

“We are the fortunate ones,” she would always say. “We have the protection of our city walls, away from the killers and the crooks. From the rapists and anyone with karmic energies washed away. Be good, and you will always be safe. Abide by our Lord, and he will keep you safe from The Nameless Ones. “

“Close your eyes, and no worries, this will be done real quick.” , Shecks gruff voice bellowed back, breaking Reijha’s thoughts.

The knife gets tossed to Sheck, and he catches it by the wooden end midair. He stares back at the blade end. His yellow eyes gleam back, like pools of silken cloth. He then lifts the knife up, and swings it back down with much harsh force. Reijha feels the pain, but keeps quiet. He knew very well that Sheck got off, from the screams. Blood trickled down Reijha’s body, and he feels a sharp pain course it’s way down his spine. Sheck takes another swing. The pain is just as unpleasant, as the first. He gave the blade one final swing, and then it was done.

Reijha was no more, nothing but a souless body walking amongst the world. He was nothing without his tail. No Feigm was. To lose one’s tail, meant complete isolation from everyone you have known, and loved. Soon enough he would be tossed out into the dark. Out of the cities walls, and into the land of the Nameless Ones where many sinful beign’s lived, other Feigms who have lost their tails. Most of them of course, were not wrongfully accused. Most were killers, thief’s, rapists, and the like. They were called the Nameless One’s because losing your tail, meant losing all of your status. Without your tail you were now nothing, and must live the rest of your life fending for your own.

Many would be afraid to leave their cities, as that was where the Nameless Ones thrived. These ruthless sinners were not allowed to enter a city or a town. The consequences then would be death. They also were not allowed to walk amongst the gilded paths. These were a safety measure for the tail bearing Feigms throughout the land. Many highly trained soldiers would escort anyone who paid them, down the gilded paths. That was the only way to comfortably travel from city to city, town to town.

Reijha had no idea, what was in store for him. He did not understand any of this. He never dreamed of being out there. Out with all the Nameless Ones. He was now one of them though, so in order to survive he would have to get over his own morals. He would now have to learn, to be like one of them. He would now have to learn, how to think like one of them. It would be the only way he could survive out there. Alone, and afraid in the land of The Nameless Ones.

©C.L. Muileboom.

The following story is owned and copyrighted by the author. It is not to be rewritten, shared as one’s own or redistributed without the author’s knowledge. If one is to share this story under their names, lawful actions will be taken.

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28 thoughts on “The Nameless Ones

    1. Thank you so much!!! I am stuck right now, but I do know where this story will be going. Your words are motivational to me. This means so much to me, thank you, thank you, thank you.


    1. Wow, many thanks. I have some great plans for it. I am a total panther though, as I just write and don’t plan too much. It’s been working for me so far. I have rough ideas, but I usually just write, and see what my mind brews up on the spot.


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